Lyrics for Eclectic Relaxation (Feel It) by Gatsby :
[Verse 1: BennyFly]
You got me weak in the knee’s where I can hardly speak
Making promises I plan to always keep
And always speak the truth, cause girl you got me loose
You were the baddest in the building so you had the juice
So I had to introduce how I felt, damn I couldn’t help it
Didn’t have to break the ice cause your eyes had it melted, stunning
You so hot you had my cool running, now ain’t that something
Won’t buy you jewelry cause that don’t mean nothing
Rather show you respect to achieve loving
Plus I never like clubbing
Rather be at home getting my nasty on with you getting in the zone
You my queen so I put you on the throne
Put you in these poems, just to let you know
I want this thing to grow, strong foundation cause we took this thing slow

Feel it girl, feel it girl
Feel it girl, feel it girl
Where you going, you gotta come
Where you going, you gotta come

[Verse 2: James Diotic]
It’s showtime, I show ’em who’s the best
I reduce stress like a good night’s rest
Come and get your sleep baby, know you feeling weak
But it’s only been a day with the music on play
Ain’t no lying to these G.O.A.T.’s
But I could be a sheep if I get some different clothes
I come in peace but don’t forget the pack
We wolf down beats, West Egg is where it’s at
All of these crews need ships
Looking at the ocean, the color really fits
Girls been having fits since I was only 6
Now I’m in my teens they wanna get what’s in my jeans
Fall back, you only like me cause you heard that I could rap
And when you said “I’m done” then we’ve only begun
See it’s all unrehearsed, I deserve a home run


[Verse 3: Gatsby]
Hoes want a home but can’t afford the house
Quick to fall in love but I never leave them an out
I never leave ’em a reason, just love ’em and leave ’em
Let them fall ’tis the season, we never spring for rings
Just give ’em that thing, that thing Ms. Hill taught me well
Lost one, miseducated baby can’t you tell
I’m down for the cause if it’s beating down walls
I get it in like Berlin, 86, watch how it fall
Me versus her, see how I’mma eat my opponent
Never give a rematch but she still wanna jump on it
All the hipster girls shake they ass for me one time
Let me get to your ear and drop that one line
One line, catch your fish
Bet you never had it hooked like this
Electric relaxation ain’t gotta drop dimes
Gimme peace of time, I’mma give you piece of mind
…f*ck SHAWNA