Lyrics for Superbooyah by Frank Ocean :
[Verse 1]
This ain’t no Glee sh*t
Imma stay rapping raps that are halfway decent
If you believe what the average man has to say

Nah f*ck that (x3)

I got lines for days, check the bar chart
Spread no sheet, I excel
Connolly comma Billy, being Brave
Bare bones instrumentals
Not dissing, get fools took like Pippin
Lacking direction like the musical you’ll end up settling down
Bound 2 falling, not in love
Instead talking sullen
Started from the bottom, now you where?
Still there
Not gonna do you on a song
I’ll get you off track, red herring
Inferiority complex, therein lies the problem
Air headed like an heiress, it’s all for show (x2)
I’m saying no names like the Scottish play
Try to flee and I’ll body you like the bubonic plague
In the Middle Ages, wasting away
Quickly outdated like old beta tapes
I’m the Replacement, Keanu Reeves
This verse is pitch perfect, got tricks up my staves

Way over heads now