Lyrics for Lion by Fluxx :
I’m with five different b*tches n*gga call that sh*t a handful
Lighting up a swisher every night is how I plan to
Stay up till the sight of stupid money on the table
Man these n*ggas picking fights because I’m doing what they can’t do ho
Talk like the man then take away the b*tch you came in here wit
You want hits I’ll feed a n*gga f*cking plates of this sh*t
Throw you a bone ho make you want a taste of this di*k
And yes I’m stoned bro daily that’s the way that I live
Give me the beat I’ll kill that sh*t with ease it’s easy
Find your girl to please me talk about her on the CD
Man if you ain’t heard about me yet I’m coming out the CC
And these b*tches at the house all wet enough to get the DD
Dope di*k n*gga on my solo sh*t
So sick picture me a n*gga wit a rolled up swish
Puffing while she loving when I f*ck her raw and hold her tits
A team full of n*ggas going harder than some frozen sh*t b*tch
Get yo nose out of my biz get close get smoked in the rib
Man I’m supposed to be rich and you supposed to be whipped
So while I go get my sh*t you sitting close witcho b*tch
And that’s the story of my life n*gga pour me what I like
I got my Reebok White Classics on
These n*ggas mad cause they ain’t half as strong
As this di*k yo b*tch be grabbing on
And we running sh*t, marathon
Save me a hit of that marijuana got no respect if you a hater
Walk on up and say some sh*t bust yo ass and f*ck yo face up
n*gga better pay up if ya come wit fake love
Dump ya in the waste truck then light my blunt wit
My young ninjas and some b*tches for a night of fun sh*t
I’m only resting when I’m rich up on a pile of hundreds
The lion’s loose
Coming out already biting in with every tooth
The right moves I’m putting work in every night too
And I could use a break but save that sh*t when I’m through
Done killing sh*t b*tch
We in this b*tch lit the f*ck up off that ill sh*t
Swishers on the counter bought an ounce of all this real thick
Sticky sticky driving with my ninjas wit me
Feeling trippy titties getting flashed
Them b*tches tipsy got ass they make it
Bounce back on the track counting money in this bag
Sounds that make yo b*tch take all this di*k around and back
Like uh uh uh yeah we f*cking yeah we f*cking
She like uh uh uh don’t stop f*cking don’t stop f*cking me
I’m too smooth she ain’t used to getting it right
I take a few hits feel them hips then give her it twice
If you a bad n*gga she gon be loose end of the night
If you a whack n*gga she gon leave you end of the night
For someone like me who’s nicer
Thought you found some new b*tch when I’ve already tried her
Hate me cause I’m on some new sh*t and you the diaper
Now watch just how I do this while still getting higher
Uh hear them be like
Whoop whoop hear them sirens go
Who knew I’d be rhyming so
Fluent I’m a student though
Double life get used to knowing what I’m doing ho
I’m in the booth I’m in the zone right now you need to go
I’ll seduce ya later find a way to meet ya wants I’m unforgettable
You need me every time he’s gone you’ve never let it go
I’m damn good incredible
f*ck you hard real sexual
I’m the car with hella smoke
My fellas be fresher than ever looking professional
Whatever you saying I’m never paying attention ho
Too busy making these beats and chasing what matters most
Stick to ya hating I’m getting rather close