Lyrics for Extra by FBG Duck :

I’m so high of loud I can’t hear a thing
Got purple in my sprite for my medicine
Imma go get that mill, put that on everything
Even though I got a lot I need extra everything
I need extra work, need extra b*tches, i need extra cash
Yall moving too slow I need that extra fast
I just dumped my b*tch with her lil extra ass
I can see it in their face that they extra mad

FBG Duck Verse:

I’m feelin myself so please excuse me
I’m f*cked up, let two bad b*tches abuse me
I’m doing my thing, they get that ???
I’m so turn up in that b*tch like it was a ??? me
I came too f*ck things up, don’t count nobody safe
I’m just gonna sip that purp till i can’t feel my face
Yeah i love benjamins and maryjane
I just sit back, relax, get high till i reach out of space
I need work, b*tches, cash. give me all of that!
The way i flex, they think i’m all that
I started from the bottom, b*tch f*ck your respect
I run throught a check, run and finnesse
I’m nothing bout that

[Verse 2: Billionaire Black]

I’m sippin dirty sprite so my b*tch roll a blunt
Dope at my face, i swing more sh*t as a nun
She says Billion you too much
You up for extra long
Everyone know i got it, i ain’t gotta stunt
And that drink got me slow but i’m living life fast
I ain’t too much b*tch i’m four much with my extra ass
I get a lotta money but i still need extra cash
Run a train on your b*tch don’t need no masturbate
And i’m all about the bags i ain’t know none bout you
Hop on the money train f*ck n*gga we might clout you
Ten toes down on the field, f*ck n*gga that’s how i do
Got shooters on the roof, they gonna shoot when i say to