Lyrics for Sugar, We’re Going Down (remix) by Fall Out Boy :
[Verse 1: Kid Shokora]
Am i more than you bargained for
Im punch drunk love and your face has got me on the floor

And Adrian is telling me just to get up
They say beauty is skin deep so i left an open sore

Something like a reminder
I wanna fall in love but my life is on a timer

So i won’t stop for nobody like Roxas
Green light flow you can not stop this

My team is unseen can i get a witness
I guess not hey man come and sniff this

We stay the same and keep it moving like a camper
And we never left like Zoolander

[Hook: Fall Out Boy]
We’re going down, down in an earlier round
And sugar, we’re going down swinging
I’ll be your number one with a bullet
A loaded God complex, c*ck it and pull it

[Verse 2: Kid Raven]
Kid Raven the voice is a sinsation
Just a temptation

A little starter for you to warm up to
As we start this new verse

Am i more than you bargained for
Hell yeah comeback music is forever
Forget the fads

Cos we are the champions next in line
Music universal as we transcend time

Lock lipped versatile tactics
Everybody peep this as we focus on the practice
Cos the fact is

Even the heeartless couldn’t dismiss the nobody who lives in bliss

Just to your fists in the air cos i dont care what you think
As long as its about me cos im a be the lsiteners choice

I think we can all agree i got the moves to make you scream as we go