Lyrics for Freestyle Cypher by Eshon Burgundy :
[Verse 1: Eshon Burgundy]
I’ve been wowed since i as a child
Everybody like to see me flow
How you like me now
I got shades on ya that’s yellow
It’s coolest how I play background real mellow
Everybody want to be me they all jello
They don’t want to see it
Let me turn this thing back around
Make it about Jesus he’s is the king
The only one
And you goin get till the song is done

[Verse 2: Uncle Reece]
Hold up
Ya’ll know that I’m a singer
But truly i’m a blessed bringer
If you see me on the dial tone
God is on the ringer
I got to sowed it up sowed it up sowed it up
I see the game going and I grow it up
Read the scripture get to read the picture
And I see it clear
Uncle Reece up on the vision
Man I have no fear
Cause I’m a soldier I can sing too
Grab the microphone and I give it to you
Cause I got to kick it like so
Uncle Reece up on the microphone
Like Mardi Glow[?]
Cause God is the glow inside my spirit
I know you feel it in my lyric i’m so lyric
Holy Spirit got me high
I feel like I’m goin die
Bury going up no flesh
Do it for God
Got my bible off the shelf

[Verse 3: Seckond Chaynce]
I take it

[Soon to come