Lyrics for Make A Move by Emilio Rojas :
[Verse One: Emilio Rojas]
You just concerned with yourself, you ain’t concerned with us
That’ll turn a lasting experience to a learning one
And I heard enough about how you carry on in public
And the way you talking about us around them clowns that don’t mean nothing
You said I’m nothing without you but girl, you failed to see
That’s your fallacy, everything you have, you have for me
You had a seed, I raised him like he was my family
No help from you financially, mama, that’s a reality
You had to creep, you were going out
All the money on the meals you were throwing out
But I was working so you afford it now
Tell me how the lifestyle will be supported now
I made friends with a girl who resembled you
But a better you, so she threaten you
And now you question my intentions, telling me just what I meant to do
I never knew you was jealous, I guess you’re insecure
But how the hell we supposed to grow together if you’re immature?
I know you getting yours but I refuse to settle
Especially when I know I’ll do better

[Hook: Emanny]
But you were everything I wanted
But you were everything I needed, yeah
So tell me why the hell you made a f*cking nightmare out of our dreams?
Yeah, I gotta make a move
Yeah, I gotta make a move
Yeah, I gotta make a move

[Verse Two: Emilio Rojas]
I know you sensitive, I know you think I’m leaving you
And I know you think I’m doing this just ’cause I don’t believe you
But I ain’t the type to run just ’cause I disagree with you
I’d do anything to win but that don’t mean I’d cheat on you
‘Cause you the only one I trust and told my secrets to
I’m doing this for us, it seems like everyone sees but you
You calling me on some sh*t and then calling back
But we can’t run away together when you crawling back
And I went from respecting you to resenting you
To wondering why the hell I’m friends with you
All the money and the time I spent with you
Now you tell me who depend on who
I ain’t expect you to step on who I connect you to
So you better hope that your next excuse is your best excuse
I heard that you said that you hate me and that you stress me
And no one like you accepts me, but no one likes you except me
So get to stepping girl ’cause I refuse to settle
Especially when I know I’ll do better