Lyrics for Delinquents by Eddy Baker :
[Verse 1: Bones]
Young white pimp, switchblade on my di*k
Blunt guts in my veins, Backwoods on my lips
I ain’t ridin’ with a clip, (no) I’m ridin’ with my clique
No tent, let ’em see me when I’m ridin’ in the whip
Black beeper on my hip, buzzin’ hard like a b*tch
Nextel makin’ moves, and I make a b*tch strip
Feed her drugs, watch her die, I’mma help the suicide
All my girls goin’ to die when they see I have a ride
When they see just how I act, when they hear just how I rap
All black to the hat, now I’m creepin’ for the cash
Flashback to the past, now I’m pimpin’ in the flash
f*ck whoever said I wouldn’t, gettin’ cash, flickin’ ash
I’m, b*tch, livin’ life like a prince
Got jewels on my hands, heirlooms on my wrist
I’m, what, livin’ like a motherf*ckin’ prince
Got jewels on my hands, heirlooms on my wrist

[Verse 2: Eddy Baker]
Eddy f*ckin’ Baker, b*tch, know I’m high off the dope
Got the grams in my pocket and a scale in my coat
Killin’ every f*ckin’ beat, yeah, it’s murder he wrote (murder he wrote)
Try to play me for a ho, then I’m grabbin’ your throat (I’m grabbin’ your throat)
God damn, I’m so dope like a bag of the blow
f*cked your b*tch in the bathroom and you didn’t even know (didn’t even know)
I just hit it from the back while she sniffin’ the snow
Bust a nut in her face then I hit the backdo’ (damn)
I’m a crook, motherf*cker, got no love for the po’ (f*ck you)
I can never wife a b*tch, I’m in love with the dough (I’m in love with the dough)
Got some plugs on the drugs, I can get ’em for low (f*ck with me)
Ecstasy, marijuana, even pints of the poe (alright)
My n*ggas stay in the streets but we still keep it low
Little blunts, little f*ck, then we hittin’ the sto’ (Smoke sum)
I can never get enough, always fiendin’ some mo’ (real sh*t)
Bad b*tch on my di*k, how deep can I go?
Yup, Yeah