Lyrics for Endless Tunnels Of Gore by Dylan Ross :
[Insane Poetry]


Rozzie is a rich b*tch killa, I’m for real
Jumpin’ up outta the bushes pig father
Make ’em squeal
? biproduct, what’s the deal?
You know the saw and axe, so I’mma show you how it feel

All I wanna do is watch your f*ckin’ blood spill
I must welcome you to Hell
To the Kingdom of the shells

Nowadays everybody is a wicked rapper, but
Growing up, all of my favorite wicked rappers taught me how to kill!

Still kickin that old school wicked sh*t funk
OG, Acid Rap, bumpin’ out the hooptie trunk
Every night is Devil’s night with Dr. Dylan
You get stuck
f*ck a nun & carve a triple six across her stupid c*nt

What the f*ck you want?
Why you wanna target me?
Kill ’em all!
Capital D
Psycho sick, Insanity
It’s killin’ season
And I’m street sweepin’, with the reason
Cause in my hood, crack is always in season

“No sir, Officer I don’t have no drugs”
The only drug I have is senseless hate
But you alreadyknowwhatsup

Then I rotated my body
Reachin for my registration
When I turned around I shot him in the mother f*ckin’ face
& got up out the car all frantic
Called up Ivan in a panic
You try livin’ with these voices in your head
No I can’t stand it

Now it’s ringin, but he ain’t pickin’ up tho
Son of a b*tch
I got myself together and threw my phone in a ditch
Slow it down
Get it together
Dylan, why the f*ck would you do that?
It’s just called bein’ crazy, but I guess I already knew that
Is it really worth it, to go through with that?
Yes, when you see a pig with his wig blew back


[Rozz Dyliams]
R O double Z, rising out of dead sea
Kicking the f*cking wicked sh*t ever since I was a baby G
Killer, crazy killing, it was Sc*m and Insane Poetry
Only bodies left behind and nothing ahead but torture meat
What you know about the sickness, what you know about this, rest in p*ss, Imma homicidalist
Dying, swinging fist, if you wish (to let, don’t?) get me p*ssed
Coming up outta the mist, Imma drag them back to the abyss

[Insane Poetry]