Lyrics for Shotty Horroh vs Tony D Round 1 by Don’t Flop :
[Round 1 – Shotty Horroh]

Some said I wasn’t gonna show up
Well that’s what the talk was about
But I showed up to the showdown
To show off when the show’s on for all of the crowd
The giant was asleep, silently in peace
I advised him to move quietly and sneak beside me but try and be discreet
Because if I wake, there’ll be wakes, and I’m no longer tired in the sheets
You woke Goliath just as it was time for him to eat and climbing to his seat
The king, the new chapter, I move faster, I put aside my pride so my pride can get a feast
f*ck your stripes, you tigers seem like new-timers trying to compete
I thought you were the main man, all that raw talk and you’re just lyin’ through your teeth

Oh this is what you waited for, me and you waging war
On a stage for the sake of talk, so let’s make ’em talk
It’s unfair, you’ve been scared, since the day started taking course
I’ve played his thoughts, but I’m not here to take your title Tony…
I’m here to take your corpse

See, it was the real deal when Real Deal said to give Tony a Tony Award
But I got me some rhymes that’ll leave him hospitalised
I came to give Tony a ward
Class in session
The ruler’s back for straight lines with drastic measures
Your casket’s measured, practice makes perfect
But I’ve practised to the point where I’m past perfection
I’m just battling my past perfections
They say practice what you preach
But I don’t preach, you can ask the reverend
It’s been a minute since I asked for blessings in my last confession
I don’t preach, I teach, and I’ve got pupils that’ll look you in your pupils
And raise arms like they’re asking questions, but they don’t ask me questions
You need to give a man of my class room… stay back like you have detention
You can’t take away from Ad
I taught Math a lesson
I’m unschoolable, they haven’t given Ad a lesson since adolescence

Test me and fail, F your circle, you won’t pass the papers
I’ll smoke him – pasta papers
f*ck dough, it’s linguine linguistics – pasta papers
I’m trying to give my nation dough, my donation to battle rap is past Eurgh’s papers
Time to pay your pastor papers
You’re about to be baptised in bars
So don’t whine when the pastor passed the wafers
Tony D’s dead, you want to know what he passed away for
I’m the predator, he’s the same as when you ask your saviour for a massive favour
And when prey meets predator, that’s just nature

But, holy shoulder blades – God’s back
You are not martyrs – I said – you do not matter
It’s got like if you’re godlike then I’m God’s father’s godfather
Since I left, I’ve been streaming it Rowan
It seems it’s upstream that you’re rowin’
And you haven’t got farther
You put Shuffle and Marlo-on but couldn’t brand dough
So you brought back the Godfather

And I couldn’t bear it it’s tragic
That tear in the fabric is something I’ll patch, he knows
Al Pacino, I’m on my Tony sh*t
Montana, not Tony as in this older prick
Who defends a title that don’t exist, I’m over p*ssed
I’ll film a porno of your only chick just to show you it
I mean I’ll make your b*tch wail and we can see your baby Moby di*ked
Jesus faeces – holy sh*t
I’ll make a guitar plectrum from your skull if there’s a bone to pick
Try handle bars and die like Hogan’s lip
I’ve got a boot, I turned sideways, I rock jabronis with
You hyped with your mouth, I’m at the side of your house
(ssh) – right where Smokey sh*ts
Snub nose in my scruff clothes, eat shots like Homer’s kid
Who was last seen in Tony’s crib
Looking like Scarface, in the last seen with Tony’s crib
That’s my first round in, safe star blessed
I’ve got two more rounds and plenty more space in my graveyard left