Lyrics for Mid Summer Night by Dave :
[Verse: 1]
First year of college, my n*ggas on it, the women popping
I’m feeling lively, drinks aside me, i’m sipping orange
I’m at a party, I see a barbie, I’m moving swiftly
I turn to Jussy, you see that n*gga? He’s moving shifty
He turns to Rappy, we laugh a bit, we’re laughing at how hard he is and live is what this party is
This musics so loud and Bish says there’s no loud and Rappy say’s i’ve got that
But my man in the back he says, i’ve got AM and i’ve got cheese
From now understand I am the streets
And i’ll tax the streets whatever I say
And look in my pouch, he started looking around
I took a look in the pouch, and saw a Smith and Wesson
I started looking around, and i saw less and less of
My n*ggas around, I just see figures around, some foreign n*ggas around
So dead sitting around
Rappy can we cut, this n*ggas one-nil up
He says hurry up and then he points at me
I’m like see f*ck this, can we cut quick
We’ve been outnumbered plus we ain’t armed so
We left the party in a hurry
RJs like f*ck this and he’s going mental
And Rappys like f*ck this can we find a metal
And i ain’t even talking much
You see that n*gga on the right
Of the n*gga moving sleight
Is the n*gga I don’t like
But imma fix it soon
There was a n*gga with a knife
And a n*gga with a nine
And all these n*ggas moving white
We got to fix it soon
They put a gun up to my friends
Talking bout taxing the ends
I know we lost the skengs
But imma fix it soon
Dialed MC, blud i need a favour
He’s talking reckless on the phone
I told him save that sh*t for later
Run up in the party
Where’s the paper?
Run up in the party
Slapped a Barbie tryna stop me, see you later
Run up in the party
f*ck the neighbours
Run up in the party
In the toilets n*ggas tryna catch some brain
Ran up in the toilets with no heat on me
This n*ggas pulling for his pouch like he’s gon beat on me
Until M came around and took the strap away
And Jussy sweeped that f*ckboy to his feet for me
I blacked out for a minute
A flurry of punches they come in abundance
These tires are pumped and this n*gga’s winded
I turned the smithy around
And now I’m sitting him down
Gave him a kick in the mouth
And now this n*gga’s injured
M took that gun and I closed my eyes
‘Cause M he came for an end
And we don’t need life
This is all in a second so as eyes light up
Time slows down I feel my hands tie up
Fight of fright triggers
‘Cause I’m shook of what he could do
He could either jook you or cook you
Time’s still frozen and every n*gga’s stood still
M’s tryna bang I see the saftey clip drop
It’s safe to say my lip dropped
I’m tryna scream M no
But the words won’t go
If he bangs we all go
I know this n*gga’s loco
But this n*gga must know this is a murder case we don’t need
Over a skeng and some weed
So I tried to grab him but he bursts first
I speared him to the floor but it was too late
The mood changed
I heard screams in the back like fiends on the crack
I heard screams in the back
I’m looking at this n*gga thinking can I save him
He’s lying in the bath I know he’s a paigon
But 25 to life that is the longest statement
I’m checking for the wound I don’t see lacerations
I don’t see blood don’t see none M sees up
He said it backfired say God knows
And then we drag him to the floor
Like you’re not banging anymore
That was a sign from the Lord
We heard police sirens
We started ducking
Every n*gga’s cutting
Don’t get nicked
We kept on running
Every n*gga’s hopping fences bruv
We kept on sprinting
The dogs are chasing I hear the barking
The dogs are breathing on my calf and if they bite I’m tarnished
It’s every man for himself when it’s dogs or feds
And it was both and now my n*ggas on the ropes
And every n*gga better hope that we get away
We had our arms on our arms using arms for our getaway
Rapz is struggling to get away
He’s bleeding from his leg he was limping he was setting pace
The mandem they hold the flat door open
Saying get in then hold the dogs out then cut after we close it
Rappy’s fallen to the floor frozen
I pick my n*gga up by the arms
He may get in and now we’re rolling
The dogs are at the door barking waiting for the jakes
By the time we come we turn to dust
We turning up
Got Rappy to the clinic he’ll be fine
We got M’s here a new phone we just lost another line
Guns drugs women paigons and the knives
All in the veil of a mid summer’s night