Lyrics for Bout it Bout it part 3 by Danny Brown :
Bruiser ..f*ck these n*ggas bruh

[ Verse 1 DopeHead ]
Catch a n*gga slippin’ with a motherf*ckin’ slip
And leave that motherf*cker slippin’ with the motherf*ckin’ choppa
Catch a n*gga drunk at his baby shower
With his baby momma, hitt’em both with the yappa!
f*ck these rappers , they don’t want no problems
f*ck these n*ggas, they don’t want no drama
These n*ggas salty, these n*ggas mad cuz I’m f*cking their b*tches
And they can’t stop it [Bruiser]
That chopper sound like thunder, I been grinding all summer
This is for my hustlers, that said motherf*ck a jumper[For what?!]
Riding with my n*ggas, getting jooky til my casket close [Get jooky]
No look dunkin’ in that pus*y, smash it n’ then I pass them hoes
Use call me senile, they mad that I can see now
f*ckin b*tches; in the meanwhile, she give me head, I bust a freestyle
Haters try to bring me down but that chopper just won’t get it
In your face did ride for two, when I catch him I’mma stretch him
All my n*ggas Bruiser, all my b*tches bout it
All my n*ggas Gremlins killas, all my n*ggas wildin’
All yo b*tches regular, all my b*tches exotic
That jooky is forever and you can’t do sh*t about it!

[Verse 2 Danny Brown]

Peanut butter jelly wit a baseball bat
Got the mustard n the mayo on a ol’school lac
So lil n*gga, don’t play me like that
Hit ya mother from the back, pushin’ rubbers on her back
Never ever liked n*ggas shootin’ on her hair
[?] ‘fore the tape
Pour another 8, drop a deuce in the 20 Ounce
Fell asleep gettin’ head in ya baby mama house
n*gga we not talkin’ bout?
Scope on the rifle, tryin’ to [?] a snipe
Sittin’ in the sun , smokin’ on ganja
b*tch, I’m Danny Brown
Blowin’ dope lookin’ like a green Chewbacca
Hit you with the blocka! blocka! blocka!
Dunk bullets in your chest like Iguodala
Roll that zoot , pour that ach
Since i got money , I don’t know how to act
Offer yo Auntie a hunna for the head
Bust a nut on her leave the money on the bed
Brother got killed for a 187
If you ain’t gonna get it,mothaf*ckah, I’mma take it
Bout to turn a mothaf*cka into a raisin
Bring home the bacon, let a n*gga meet Satan
Saw her faint, mind on rotation