Lyrics for The Cypher by Crooked I :
[Verse One: Kenny]
My raps are like phone psychics, they got hot lines
Y’all keep bitin’, stealin’ rhymes, y’all have hot lines
Who’s mind is deadly as mine? My mind’s as deadly as mines
Stay quiet like mimes if you not tryin’ to drop from shots flyin’
Leave you haemorrhagin’, this belligerent, militant killer and menace Is a vicious and sinister villain, it’s imminent
My spit is ridiculous, it’s sick and [?] magnificent lyricist
Like judges, I ruin lives with sentences
Terrific is my penmanship, you listenin’ to simple spit
Green fiend peelers for Benjamins, treat you like you the heir
To my enterprise – I’ll give you the business

[Verse Two: Julius]
Man he act like a maniac, with a mini AK
So merciless men on murderous nation with many macs
I’ll make ya mom miss ya, mention me and missiles meet
Ya mug, a mad man missin his mind, “Mister
Mass Marksman”, maniacal mangler mimicing Michael Myers
I maim ya, it’s Merk-Mania
Maliciously mutilate with machetes, a monster
Manic mercenary, mixed with a major mobster
My heat the street sweepin’, leave the weak bleedin’ on your knees
Leakin’, ya seethe, breathin’ leavin’ ya seed, grievin’
Nephew and niece weepin’, I keep a meat cleaver
For beef, you peeps should be thinkin’ of retreatin’

[Verse Three: Dice]
When the Horseshoes step in the place, we catchin’ a case
Lyrically murder n*ggas then his men in his face
Leavin’ the place all messy, my bullets go through vests, see
My weapon is no longer concealed so please don’t test me
Who can f*ck with this volcanic eruption
No need for an introduction, when I step in with the Glock I’m clutchin’
I’m dope! More potent than coke, when I spit I’m makin’ you stagger like Hennessey mixed with some Coke, I’m so
Hood plus I stay on the block, when I flow I’m as cold as hypothermia makin’ ya temperature drop
Like it or not? I blow up the spot, and sometimes I’m on one like the hour hand be on the clock

[Verse Four: Debo]
I’m what would happen if them missiles would’ve passed and missed Hitler
With straps that clap like the ass on a thick stripper
I disfigure you b*tch n*ggas and click triggers, put six in a snitch’ liver
We itchin’a lynch wiggas
Creepin’ with twin pistols, shots’ll begin to hit you
Lift you and then flip you and rip through your skin tissue
I then hit you again with lyrical ninjitsu
I’m invincible, couldn’t stop me with ten missiles
This rhymer idolise Osama, traumatise ya momma
I’m causin’ homocides with samurai’s katanas
I’m choppin’ bodies, I’ma copy Dahmer
Or I’ma find your posse and send kamakaze bombs!

[Verse Five: Crooked I]
I’m an abnormal enemy, my artillery diminish your imagery
You finna be paranormal energy, police’ll physically
Have to perform a ceremonial saance just to figure your killer’s identity
Literally, you not feelin’ me, the Glock tend to be poppin’ enemies
In an approximate two block proximity, sane?
Not mentally, eight slugs puncture your lungs
Ya not killin’ me, fake thugs run for your guns
The .38 snub waste blood in your mouth, ya tastebuds
Run from your tongue, ya drop instantly
I remove many men out of mental misery
Mass murderin’ mercenary, I make ’em into memories
Evacuate the vicinity, a basket case in the mask of Jason
A plastic face, blastin’ out of a black Infiniti
Blastin’ the rap industry, then have Pastor Mase deliver me
Crooked is the epitome of villainy, you bast*rds kiddin’ me?
The only friend of me is a glass of Hennessey
I’ve mastered chemistry, I laugh ’cause I’m past obscenity
I blast like I’m Sam Yosemite, you cats do not have validity
I’m sick and cash is the remedy, release massive energy
Hahaha, wooo man
Stop that sh*t dawg