Lyrics for Iron Tusk by Conway the Machine :
[Intro: Conway]
How you want it when you want it n*gga?
Y’kna mean?

[Verse 1: Conway]
Look, the bag buried in the yard by the pit bulls
Hollows in the HK, got a clip full
n*ggas be thinking that my sh*t’s good
They don’t know I took ten losses last year, ’96 Bulls
But I ain’t tripping, ’cause my wrist good
f*ck these industry n*ggas, I’m ’96 Suge
Hang you off the balcony for a brick
Trigger on the fifth get pulled
Who would’ve thought I’d be this good?
Told you I’m a different dude
I went from sleeping on a cot to hitting the lot to pick and choose
Stomp a n*gga till he didn’t move
There’s blood on the bottom
Got my 750s looking like Christian Loos
Damn, these n*ggas is stressed looking deprived
I’ll put you to sleep, you can rest good in the sky
I just go in the booth, I’m like Westbrook on the drive
I’m better than just good, the best n*gga is I, motherf*cker

[Verse 2: Vinnie Paz]
You better duck muhf*cker when the fifth blow rounds
‘Cause I’m here mean I’m here, pus*y ten toes down
And I suggest you ain’t around when this sh*t go down
And the Gucci on the crown is a retro brown
Listen par, everything you be saying is noise
I’m a man, you a pedophile playing with boys
I’m must be soften’ up a little, ’cause I gave you a choice
I’mma have to ask God why he gave you a voice
Who these dumb muhf*ckers that’s believing it’s geek
Because the numbers never lie, pus*y read it and weep
But the Twitter figures telling me you eager to sleep
How you always in the crib and say you be in the street?
You’s a batiman, B you need to get out the house more
This soft muhf*cker need to button his blouse more
You eating? Money, why you always sleep on the couch for?
And I don’t do battles, par, this is all out war