Lyrics for Violaine by Cocteau Twins :
Transcriber’s Note: Lyrics appear to consist of reversed words sung verbatim. However, it is also possible that they are not reversed at all and can’t be traced to any form of English. In any case, to avoid imposing assumptions of a simple English origin on their transcription, these impressions are presented in a manner that preserves vowel and consonant sounds when reversed. Brackets indicate either (1) digraphs (ch, sh, th) that should not be flipped or (2) long vowels (but not double vowels) that could be diphthongs (ai, ie, ey, oa). This notation looks awkward but is intended to minimize confusion when re-reversing the lyrics to determine the original text

Ikkid[i] sad[i] sikidos
Ikkid[i] zaneel kee poss
Kee poss zan[o]n j[i]ya
Min hod adb[i] vadoo jeezg[o]l

Eejod indeep hoodod
Endod hoozdood jed[o]z
Idnood anook ikidos
[Sh]eezak eelon needok oteel

Ectefamof oitavito fles e[th] yll-anif
Snoitatimil noitae [ch]us a sec-cus [ch]us a

Sikkib[i] sabr[i] zigita
If[i] figat suzana
Itee da[rr]a ditook
Eerantu mee il[i]zista

Sikkid[i] sabr[i] zigitaf
Iffit[i] fogeet segats
Iffit[i] sedan solo
Eem[o]t eebad ee[ch]uzisl[i]

Ectefamof oitavi (ectefamof ectefamof)
T[o] fles e[th] yllanif (t[o] fles e[th] yllanif)
Snoitatimil noita (snoitatimil snoitatimil)
E [ch]us a sseccus [ch]us (noita success chose us)
Namukadnu itnemavom (sad psychologies will not represent)
Lacigolochy(e)sp (weendeh wow)
Ectefamof oitavi (tekmos )
T[o] fles e[th] yllanif (weena vee[ch]a)

Hooloo kamee lede
Hooloo modo daboo
Katan katan eedaa
Ikidaa dadem solo

Ectefamof oitavi
T[o] fles e[th] yllanif
Snoitatimil noita
E [ch]us a sseccus [ch]us a
Namukadnu itnemavom
Ectefamof oitavi
T[o] fles e[th] yllanif