Lyrics for Fire in the booth by Charlie Sloth :
… : Censored lyric
[?]: Unsure of the lyric
—————————————————————————I know you gon’ dig this, oh yeah , perfect

-First Beat-
Yeah, Russ, big up Charlie, big up Mr. WOT, big up Trey, Snoopy everyone
Listen, Ay, Listen
Stop scruffin’, you’re on nothing, ’nuff of my pagans bled
Can’t talk ’bout Russian, are you buzzin’? When your bestfriend’s dead
One love to my brothers, on my mothers all of my dargs get bread
Best up for cover, big brucker, trynna take of heads
Ain’t cuffing no b*tch, love peng gyal with ankle bracelets
Thigh tattoo and look at her hips, di*k that quick can’t carry my kid
Ends splash that, 8 man in the whip, stick and move on all of them pricks
Crash that whip get left on bonnet, O’s my bro for him you get whipped
Don’t give me chat when I’m rolling, moosh I will unveal what I’m holding
Get him hold him, fork him, akh! Man’s not inna this joketing
So I don’t f*ck with banter, cah my head too fizzy like Fanta
And I was in the trap on Christmas, long time I can’t see Santa
Charge, charge [?] through peds and I’m chopping off cars
How he get away, how he run so fast?
Babe Ruth whack Bruce
Do Phil if I’m onto Grant, so I do you if I’m on your brudda
Chit chat blah blah, back your ting big man don’t bother, tek man’s tings I’m da real don dada
Trynna hit man’s turban, zhush got chinged but the prick ain’t learning
Live in the flesh it’s curtains, ain’t put nuttin’ them boys some virgins
Blood on my knife go purging, splash out the place, leave families hurtin’
Riri I’m working, 8 in the whip no belt man lurkin’
Good yute shh, he got a got a cheat, small batty gyal your [?] jeet
Got a man down, but he still tweets, next time we meet you’re going 6 feet
Russ with the Russ, man gun lean, man dip splash on all o’ your team
Try come Penge, Fassy or Mad; try cut thru your window got smashed
View your area then I come, how ya think I got man down on my ones? How ya think I got man down with some?
Ding dong whiz, pulling up at mum’s
Hear this I gotta bun this yout, got got already but he still act rude
Jack this dude and he calling my phone, I’m telling man I ain’t running this food, no
Charge on the opps like su-mo
Just got a pack hit soon, go
On you and your crew, bro
What you gonna do, though
He got away I’m gutted, what, please come back and bring, bring ,bring all your bad boy cousins cos I’m still here with Russian
Put it on me see a opp man press it, no ramping like bro just shell it
Pagan boys just tweak and leg it, gelato flavours, … bill it
The back’s outrageous, Russ wan grip it
Ying and Yang, keep [???]
Them man ain’t bad just love stab women, spot my man I’m Olympic Chinging
Them man been chatting alot, I try double tap on the opps
Hit jamz your lucky it flopped, try put your face on the top
Gun lean, I don’t diddy bop
She still quint and kotch on this c*ck, still mish and mash for that dot
Ramsey or rock with that dots
Look, come round come round gunning [??] try bun him
Don’t chat on the net ’bout bunnin’, oh my God why the f*ck you running?
Where’s that chap from earlier? Hop that fence fantastic hurdler
You must be frassed, there ain’t no burner
Fam I bussed them attempted murders
Look, my n*ggas bang, your n*ggas ran, then why the f*ck the pus*y wan risk it?
Try back his [?], he did raise his hand then I bruck man’s bones like biscuit
Palific, back my ting go balistic
Try tek his life, I just missed it
She suck my di*k and you lipsed it, ay

-Second beat-
Ay,c’mon, ay, ay
She know I’m tuggish, if men are trash than women are rubbish
She must be frassed, don’t give me no wass
That gyal get dashed, she ain’t my luggage
Gyal, your looking all muggish, bedroom good, pumpum get rumaged
Attention seeker, looking all muggish
di*k that area and unplug it, feeling like nut nut dargy
I beg you put hands on chargie, the opps couldn’t vouch
I don’t need no army and they weren’t my car keys
How the opps still tarky, chef out your arteries
N-F-A, f*ck bali
Hitting that party, big gun army like abeg a boy wan me
I brang a … to that event, I brang … to that event
Man try run up then got and then got bent, why you run up and leave your friend?
………., why you think I left him, I thought he was dead
Why don’t you mention? I’ll put you on meds
Family guy, you woulda been Meg
That prick, he’s on his head
If you got a move, I ain’t coming for a Z
Really impressed, brilliant sex
That’s your bubs, so you got shegged
She was gonna pick up the d game, ments
Try @ me, got splashed and drenched
They need subs, them man got benched
They need subs, them man got benched
Still trynna do it like C-2 crash cars into a opp, broad day
Back that dots out the riding at fat Joe and he try run away
f*ck Saint, no [?] man bruck up a opp real quickly, face ‘pon pave
Opp at loud, man bill up a flavoured spliff, with the smoke no grey
From early, man ching up the opps put nuff man’s name ‘pon blade
Try come Penge man crash up your whip, sh*tden, what a sad mistake
Charge my bro and splash up my opps ’nuff times so his name just breaks
That’s your bro, you ran off and left your guy to your friends, it’s fake
Big Russ, tek it nice and easy
Your bae too catty, wan jeet me
She said ”Russian come breed me”, you’re feeling this, slow down b
Only [?] and splashers round me, Lil K musta come from Saudi
You know Russ with the Russ too rowdy, gun smoke leave your whole block cloudy

-Third beat-
Syaink different for them, you know, hmm
Big up all the pretty ladies, sexy ones, one fi deh gyaldem
My lifestyle’s crazy, mad since a baby, listen
(Wah yuh seh?)
My lifestyle’s crazy, mad since a baby
Gyal get gassed cah my gunlean’s wavey
Taze or nutkase, sex your lady
Met cash daily, MB baby!
And I don’t wanna speak about the opps and when I’m with you, know the loving never stops
I kiss your face, she make me proud I love you off
I rub her down, I oil her up that’s like my dots
This one’s a trophy, I won’t cheat
Nice feet and her face on fleek and I know she got my back, known fact
Good girl but when we’re out, she’s strapped; good girl but when we’re out she’s holding
No half-heart sh*t, she wants the whole thing
We’re making love, I can’t call this boning
I mek her c*m and now she’s bussing like my …
Screams out ”Russian”, non-stop lovin’
Got her one hundred, my baby’s stunnin’
You got dipped trynna tun man ducky, unlucky, whatta f*ckery
…., you always got it like Chucky
MSplash, dip that we get mucky
Ayt, babygirl don’t fuss it, we don’t even needta rush it
Her ex couldn’t buss it, now she tell me he a muppet
Says she had him on the ropes, say that he a puppet
I don’t even trust it, f*ck it, let’s not discuss it
Step, but she hates me in the fields, she wan me at home so our family can build
She’s so chilled but I’m so trill, might tek her to the shard just to show her this real
Looking for a wife but everyone playin’, love a big back, man it coulda been Asian, Jamaican, Hatian, Malaysian; anything can happen with a bit of persuasion
Look, but the skinny girls matter
The thick ones peng, but the skinny one badder
Her ex chat wass, she know I’m badder, chit chat, blah blah, real don dada
Likeee, I beg a boy try me, that ain’t your wifey
Why you think the phone talk don’t excite me?
I don’t care, I promise; won’t say it nicely, I never cared if you liked me
I heard sh*t about you, but I don’t even care
Wifey baddest she gon’ hold all my gear, what man, she gon’ hide sticks in her chair and in the whip she gon’ blow while I stare