Lyrics for Vague by Caskey :
[Verse 1]
(Can ya talk)
(Ya, look i ain’t trying to be vague)

Hey misses, what’s yo’ name
Whats yo’ mind contain
She said, “Thoughts about school
And a man that she could change”
And that’s so vague
And i don’t like yo’ direction (Nah)
Who the f*ck you impressin’
When yo’ outcome is in vain
Yo’ eyes are drained
She done sipped too much alcohol
Her Adderalls bring her uptown
When she daydream about catalogs
And i add it all to my mental
Portfolios and Michelob
She always show me these model pictures
Like goddamn girl i’m sick of those
I’m equipped with so
Many girls who will only hit the elliptical
Still think that we can work out
Cause she heard about my residuals
Well the lid is closed, sealed off
Opportunity, peeled off
Left for dust
My home boy said, “If it’s worth something, she slept with us”
Well that’s real soft
sh*t, i like when the ass is real soft
And the mirror cost about as much as a girl
Whose mind frame is real off
And if that’s the case then the deal off
She just say that she different
I say be specific
Cause i admit that i ain’t tryin’ to be vague

This might be yo’ lucky day
Specially if you get high
Cause i’m igniting this J
If not, okay
You probably ain’t finna’ stay
But i like girls that like girls
sh*t, i’m always tryin’ to play
And that’s so vague

She tell me that’s so vague
(Ask me what i like about her) (x3)

[Verse 2]
I’m smokin’ out of my oval office
Reminiscent on these local offers
Locate the alters
She worship the ground every star walk on
While we just like whatever Charles bark on it
All the tree with no bark on
She try’na tap every phone that i talk on
She crazy man i f*ck with her for nine months
Still ain’t have no baby
Man she out there slay me
Rollin’ with a gun on safety
I don’t even know why she hit up my phone
Can tell by her tone that she just real wastey
Yellin’ about basic sh*t (ahh)
No time for a basic b*tch
Who only throw a pic online when she look in her prime
Man i swear i really hate that sh*t
They always ask me what i like
Always ask me they best feature
Problem is that for some of y’all
Y’all best bet is that a man will treat you well
Well she a saint, i’m an as*h*le
I just say it’s the sad truth
And she try to claim it ain’t that so i’m vague
And she don’t like what i say
And i don’t like how she always give me the details to her day
She could be vague