Lyrics for World Outside by Cage :
[Verse 1]

I got sh*t I wanna share with you
Couple things explaining reasons why I can’t be there with you
Back in the day we parred and thought we’d never split paths
Didn’t see no definite ending to the madness and the laughs
Never thought I would pack in the jackin’ for something more solid
I ain’t changed, I just found a better way to steer my knowledge
Running around hype and criminal antics fed me for a while
But studio gave me a lot more creative style
And took me to another world beyond the estate
Some kind of haven from the beef and some of the stress, mate
I wouldn’t call it no escape, the roads are in my heart
Making it that more difficult for me to climb the chart (for real)
But it’s the sacrifice I made, it’s all good, star
Same reason I ain’t always in the hood star
I do my thing, you know I’m grafting like I always was
It just ain’t quite like it was, simply cause


There’s world outside of the manor and I want you to see it
I can see it, I can see it
Can you see it? (x3)

[Verse 2]

Money, cars, guns and women most males desire
I gonna stay red-blooded til I expire
Not caught up in the hype, I’m caught up in the scheme of things
Seen a couple of figures but I still dream of things
Like the kind of sh*t money can’t connect me with
Unconditional love I won’t regret to give
I’m young, black, rich and ruthless, I swear, star
Still if you need a helping hand you know I’m there, star
I’m from the street, you’re from the street, we all done dirt
Now it’s time to flip the script, f*ck the suffering and the hurt
Cause I’ve seen the bigger picture, it’s all good
There really is a world outside of the hood


I know there’s more than this man
There has to be more than this man
Nah there’s gotta be more than this man
There’s gotta be somewhere other than this man