Lyrics for These Are The Days by Busy Signal :
Yea gotta stay conscious – huh – aaah
Gotta get my bread gotta keep my head up

These are the f*cking days
When the gal dem in dem teens have the f*cking aids
Nuff yute nuh have degrees but dem have the grades
Picture dis an’ try fi see it with yuh f*cking ears
These are the f*cking times
When yuh sneakers ain’t yuh only nines
Some weh call pon Jesus a dem commit the crimes
Nuff illiterate and still a read between the lines

Those are the f*cking dudes
Claim dem a yuh friend and want yuh f*cking food
Then some a dem a rob while some a dem rape
While some a dem kill while some a dem shoot
Is like we need a rated R pon the f*cking news

These are the f*cking days
When yuh caan trust police wid dem dutty ways
Juvenile a run the streets wid the f*cking Ks
Yo yuh caan even rest in peace in yuh f*cking grave

Every day a di same sh*t
Different gyal, same di*k
Different flow, same spit
Different drugs, same ship
Same Busy, different hits
With different messages reaching out to everyone in all different communities

Yea These are the f*cking things
That make a f*cking DJ wanna f*cking sing
Mi caan believe the babymother dash the pickney in the thing we p*ssing in
Babyfather beat har wid the thing wah glistening, yuh listening?

These are the f*cking days yuh haffi hustle in the street like a f*cking slave
Then the boss a work the least get the f*cking raise
Yuh nuh si say di leaders need step up the pace
Listen to these f*cking facts
Who nuh hav a Smith & Wesson hav a Glock
Coppa whistle, somebody missin’ when you hear it stop
Anotha mother bawl while she suffer the loss

Welcome to these f*cking streets
Chalk line, white sheet, regular we see it
Less fortunate get treated like some refugees
But don’t get fed up keep ya head up stay on yuh feet

Right now we are at a f*cking stage
This day and age is like we locked up inna f*cking cage
A me a tell yuh seh di system need fi rearrange
It’s kinda strange mi waan fi buy a Range but the price outta mi range

Watch the f*cking way you move
Killers in the street always got something to prove
Watch yuh step yuh betta watch the f*cking road yuh choose
Be careful how yuh live yuh life cah dem will out yuh fuse

These days at the airport
Dem waan yuh tek off belt, kick off Airforce
Dem tek weh cologne, roll-on, toothpaste weh dem care bout
Mi feel woulda pull mi f*cking hair out

These are the f*cking days
When yuh haffi sing seh “These Are The f*cking Days”
Yo mi caan believe seh these are the f*cking days
While mi sing for da sake ya please play the f*cking phrase

Gotta get ma bread gotta keep ma head up
Gotta get ma bread gotta keep ma head up
Gotta get ma bread gotta keep ma head up
Stay focus gotta keep your head up
Gotta keep ma head up stay strong
Yea saviour