Lyrics for Surea得 Vida by Brownside :
[Intro Dialougue: Malito]
Surea得 Vida, that’s what we gonna call this motherf*cker
Q-Vo from that Surea得 Vida ese
(Hell yeah)
This is Malito from Brownside
Nobody represents like we do
(Yeah, Brownside)
It don’t stop, it don’t quit
(Yeah it’s that old school sh*t)
1990 to the year two John
(Mexican style you know)

[Verse 1: Malito]
Soy Malito de Brownside, ya te la sabes
Explicando realidad direceto from las calles
Sur California represented at it’s best
SCLA puts you huevos at test
While you’re high as a bird, gang-banging on the curb
Some end up getting shot, f*ckers have nerve
To serve those who need it, some get defeated
Locos don’t stop until this mission is completed
That’s Surea得 Vida, trip out loco mira
Don’t slip on them cuetes y las balas que te tira
I’ll make it clear, now you picture what you hear
Surea得s dos-uno-tres sima n loco we’re here
Putting a spot on the map for nuestra raza
I’m start with the Brownside, vamos a ver que pasa
I’ll speak on things that’ll make you street wise
Now lend me your ears and I’ll open your eyes

[Mid Dialougue: Malito]
Hell yea!
How long can you f*cking hide?
You just lend me your ears ese
Taking a little trip through the Eastside, South Central
In your mental, pendejo
(Bring it siempre)

[Verse 2: Malito]
Si puedo que mulea得, blue rag is a Surea得
Bloods and Crip have their room, dejame te ensuea得
Pandilleros hold their grounds, other hold theirs
Straight gang-bangers, no f*cking players
Cold stares and blocks in you’re on the wrong block
This pedo don’t quit and this sh*t won’t stop
The point I keep strong, know where you belong
Stay up, live long and keep your mentality strong
Live and give knowledge to snotty mocosos
Before they f*ck theirs and dig out the wrong poso
Finally the end is what they’ll meet
Either a black body bag or a pinche white sheet
They creep in the street con bullets and heat
Survive and stay alive or else finish and sleep
That’s the last sound they’ll hear
The cuerpo loses a soul then they’re out of here

[Dialougue: Malito]
Hell yeah, that one goes out to the little mocosos in the f*cking calles
You knuckleheads know who you are. (Knuckleheads)
We all come from the same roots
(Yeah we been there, ese.)
Bald and Brown, Surea得 Vida
Bald and Brown baby
Bald and Brown

[Verse 3: Malito]
A pen and pad of paper is all a loco has
Gotta find money, you know and take the cash
To last in this mundo blast in a segundo
Roll it, I’ll light it, then it’s your turno
Pass it to the right (Mari Mari) that’s right
Drinking pisto and smoke weed, just do what you like
To go through with a plan know where you stand
And I’m that man that’ll make you say “Goddamn”
The concrete we stand on is strong like my gente
Time has come but I can loco represente
With no one to blame, we maintain insane
In this rap game porque we feel no shame
Of our style we roll with and toke or spliff
Que levante and lift let’s get out of shift
A gift of rhymes makes for dub sacks and dimes
Pistando cerveza, Corona with nines

[Outro Dialougue: Malito]
Hell yea, corona with nines
All you Pandillero motherf*ckers out there
Surea得 Vida, dos-uno-tres
Eastside, you know
You know we’re here to stay
What you thought we was gonna go out like punk motherf*ckers?
Hell no!