Lyrics for Money by Blu & Exile :
[Verse 1]
Yeah, dolla dolla bill ya’ll
But it was all about the skilled thug
Got those to pay bills
Thrills beef off the cheap
Microphone be in they grills, they can hardly speak
I said pardon me darling, golly it’s me
Offspring of benevolence, author rings
Heaven sent since the starving?
Artiste over these heartbeats
Kiss, claps, then dunkadadunkada
Make the stiff relax
Take a whiff like piff in bags
Take a pic of that
School class, whip in a Jag
In the slow lane coasting so the memories last
Brand new assembly, sweet ensemble
Led by the BL, need I remind you
Show a don what a don do
Bullet lines without a ?
Gettin paid with a round blue Thomas
Got two watches on the wrist like Swatches
Swap me profits
Pockets on swell like a salt is sold
But only four wallets though
Wall it all over then

If this is hell, let me get my mail

[Verse 2]
And they say money makes the world go
Down a drain in a spiraling circle
But that’s for lames
Ask a name and you know what she did
After she came back outta they gain
After the fame came glorious days in the shade
While I bask in the sunshine blinding my face
Faded, famous
At the ? show’s latest
Guest list long as the Bay Bridge
Paid in full
Playing fake in the front
High as f*ck without a pedestal
Smoother than a pedicure
Cooler than a monk blunt lit ya up in this b*tch drunk
Excuse the French, but I’m
Part French
Lookin for a Persian to park my piece in
Up in the Middle East region code
Put a DVD on and doze into the Next Episode
Uhh…I got checks to throw


[Verse 3]
Cuz if they don’t make dollars than they don’t make (sh*t)
No sense to holla for a show date
At the crib watching A-Rod slide into home base
Order in take out, but rarely eat the whole plate
Bumping Johnson, taste the green for me
Full metal steez, oh and me so (horny)
Serving up chili so in the morning
Porn fiend used to read books but it’s boring
Born kind though, freely scribes the new me
Four course four times a day
Grubbing, grubbing
Grunge queen
The only chick I know who really bumps Bun B up
Before we break let’s get one thing straight: the money
Making sure my company’s comfy, you know


The planet Earth is blue, blue, blue, blue, blue…