Lyrics for The Worst by Bigboy :
This is dedicated , to you
If you can relate to this story

[Verse 1]

I think bout you here and everywhere
You think bout there and everywhere
When we see each other actin’ like we never care
But the feelings that’s the sh*t we gotta share
Now you datin’ with the n*gga like he feels you
He stabs you in the back I know that it kills you
You hide with a smile but I know you need happiness
Hit you so hard but you learnin’ from experience
And I wanted was you’re time and space
And the love that I gave you threw it back at my face
Never judge you’re life always felt you’re case
And the feeling of you’re love I never felt that taste
(That’s why I’m hurtin’) like you actin’ like I’m not
You so blinded never see you’re faults
Behind that anger you miss me a lot
Love is in the air to you I caught
I miss the time and space where everything was good
The moment that we laughin’ and we chattin’ like we should
Now you gave him you’re life like really you should
Or I’m too late I could’ve done what I could (damn)
I hope he treats you right like you always wanted
I hope you’re a queen not princess
Hold him right like a sticky glue
But just know that Biggie will always love you ,(that’s why)

[Hook (BJ)(x2)]

Ah I need her ,she needs me
Love hurts do you agree ?
Look inside you’re eyes you know you wanna be with me
But going sideways that wasn’t meant to be

[Joint Hook(BJ & BigBoy)(x2)]

I need her (I need her) ,she needs me(she needs me)
Love hurts (love hurts) do you agree (do you agree) ?
Look inside you’re eyes you know you wanna be with me , (be with me)
But going sideways that wasn’t meant to be ,(meant to be)

[Hook: BigBoy (calm note )(x2)]

I need you ,you need me
I know love hurts ,do you agree ?
Look inside you’re eyes know you wanna be with me
But going sideways that wasn’t meant to be

That wasn’t meant to be (x4)

[Verse 2]


I hate really hate fightin’ cos its really hopeless
We hurt each other so much cos we thinkin’ careless
I see you with you’re n*gga now I’m gettin’ jealous
You took as a rebound cos I know you fake it
He can make you smile doesn’t make you happy
I know that you like him cos I know you love me
Take me baby please I’m really empty
Hold you in my arms that’s how much I love you baby
Its just a fantasy all in a dream
Now I feel like a loser cos you made me a win
I ain’t gonna lie wish I never let-you-go
Now my heart is so cold can break like snow
Can’t believe our love ,turn into hate
Together again ? Maybe its fate
Can’t even focus on my rap no concentrate
Memory lane I will never forget (Biggie)


I still love you though