Lyrics for Enter Sylvia Plath by Belle and Sebastian :
[Verse: Stuart Murdoch]
Come, and steal my thoughts away
Thief of my identity
I was holding on to decency

Come, and take me for a while
Up to your abundant pace
I’ll be a sidecar if you want to race
Born to race

Put your hand on mine
And take me from this tired ride
Take me from this early night
From the sea and rain and countryside

If you talk to me, then soon
I’ll be your accomplice in words
And we will talk only in verse
Talk only in verse

I will leave the ones I love
Leave them for the years to come
Even though I may be doing wrong
Doing wrong

I will follow in your steps
Walk out to the station cold
Buy a ticket and then slowly go
Slowly go

In this place and time
Easy is the first escape
I got money, I need no disguise
I’m a citizen and city-wise

In this time and place
There is no one who will shoot you down
There’s no one who will take a girl
And tell her she can’t have the world

[Verse: Sarah Martin]
You constantly struggle for self-improvement
You have the ability to analyse and solve any problem
You are heading in the right direction
Your mind is creative, original, and alert

Boy, you don’t know what you want
It isn’t what you think it is
All the dreams and guilt and loneliness

Boy, if we were to be friends
Subtle is the art required
To draw the evil from this lonely pyre
Lonely pyre

[Bridge: Stuart Murdoch]
Take this hand from me
And guide me round your tools of work
Fashion me into your junior clerk
Let me live in shadows of your words

And when things get tough for you
As they did when you came up through the ranks
You can borrow from my faith
From my faith

[Bridge: Stuart Murdoch]
From my faith…