I Am With You

I am with you with this letter
I am with you with this song
I am with you when you laugh at something silly I did wrong
Who cares abouts our wheresabouts
I’m here and you are there
But I’m with you
And I care

I am with you as I write this
And I’m thinking of you now
And you’re with me though you’re somewhere else
And I can tell you how
Forget the notion that an ocean’s keeping you from me
I am with you

I wish there was a looking glass
That we could see each other through
Maybe one day they’ll discover it
And you’ll see me and I’ll see you
But ’til they do

I am with you with this music
I am with you with this rhyme
I am with you if you need me
Any moment, any time
Just close your eyes and pictures us
What is it you see?

I am with you
And you’re with me

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