Lyrics for Ghetto Bass by 2 Live Crew :
Don’t touch that stereo

Look out everybody ’cause they in the place
It’s Luke Skyywalker and The Ghetto Bass

This is bass that you want on ghetto you depend
When the smoke blows over they’ll be dead in the end

With a high powered system, and DJ’s galore
They control your body while vibrating the floor

Consider self warned ’cause they on the case
A message from ghetto- feel the bass!

There’s only one ghetto with a claim to fame
But there many crews out there try and bite the name

To all perpetrators put you under a cloud
When you hear the name ghetto- the bass is loud!

They are known across the land
As the crew who rocked Miami PAC-Jam

To all other cities, have no fear
It’s ’86, a ghetto style year

They come visit you in your little place
It’s Luke Skyywalker and the ghetto style bass